9 Best Bands by Musicianship (in my opinion).


9. The Eagles 

The Eagles are a very tight band to say at the least, they have great composition skills, with songs such as Hotel California, and the vocals are spot on, they are also one of the best selling bands of all time. So, I have them at number nine. I'm considering things like composition skills, mass appeal, musical technicality and how tight the band plays together. 

8. Journey

One of the biggest reason I picked journey was because Steve Perry is one of my favorite vocalists and one of the best singers ever. They have great songs and Neal Schon can seriously shred as well. 

7. ACDC 

The legendary ACDC, had the best selling rock album of the 80's back in black. They keep it very simple, but everyone is musically skilled and they are very tight at a band. They make memorable songs, although not as complex as some others they are excuted very well. 

6. Disturbed

Disturbed is one of the most modern bands on this list. Dan Donegan's guitar riffs are insane and the rhythms are hard for any player to keep up with, however drummer Mike Wengren is right on point. David Draiman is a great technical singer, they are one of the most solid bands I've seen live, and they make use of technology and programming. 

5. Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains is one of my all time favorites. They made some very melodic music and had amazing harmonies. Layne Staley is one of my idols as a singer, I love the tone of his voice and melodic style. Jerry Cantrell does great with backing vocals and has great expression as a guitar player. Mike Starr's bass lines were smooth and solid, as well as melodic, and the drums really complimented the songs and were more than just basic beats. 

4. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the top five guitarists in my opinion, and one of the best blues players. The whole band is very solid and skilled. They were really in the pocket, so to speak. SRV plays with great feel and expression, that few players can emulate. 

3. The Beatles

The Beatles greatest strength is songwriting and melody. They changed music and probably no one on this list would be the same. They are simple songs that everyone could sing along with. Paul McCartney is one of my favorite musicians, he can sing, play guitar, bass and piano really well, and he's written some of my favorite Beatles songs Yesterday, Let it Be, and Hey Jude. 

2. Led Zeppelin

These guys are all world class musicians, and were some of the most innovative, distinctive musicians in history. They'll definitely be remembered for centuries. I don't think anyone has been as influential as Led Zeppelin on rock and metal music. I don't think that anyone has had such a defined distinct sound. 

1. Van Halen w/ Sammy Hagar

Van Halen is one of my favorites because they have my favorite guitar player, EVH. Few have rivaled Eddie's songwriter and innovation and well as tone and feel. Sammy Hagar can sing mostly anything and has a wide range. Michael Anthony is a solid bass player and has a high tenor backing vocal, and Alex Van Halen is one of the most underrated drummers, playing with great tone and feel. They made great songs and were very technically skilled. Most Van Halen fans are fans of the David Lee Roth era, and I am also a big fan. But, I have a deep appreciation for the musicianship of the Sammy Hagar years, and I understood their vision. 

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