7 Guitar Playing Tips

7 Guitar Playing Tips

1. Get a chord chart: it may seem like common sense, but one of the first things you want is a chord chart, then you can learn all the basic chords, and some that you will probably never use. 

2. Learn Scales: The next important thing is that you know the neck, and the notes, learning scales all up and down the neck is important to understand how songs and solos are made. The pentatonic, major and minor scales are crucial, then you can move to modes and harmonic minor. 

3. Build Repertoire: Learning a lot of songs as well as their solo's, helps you become a great guitarist, and understand how songs are structured, then you can build up your vocabulary for your own playing and writing. 

4. Improvise: Improvising is fun, but it's also how many great songwriters and soloist work, a lot of improvising is the best way to become a great guitarist. 

5. Learn Exercises: Learn exercises and play them everyday, this will help keep your fingers in shape and will make your playing cleaner and smoother. 

6. Play With Others: Playing with a band helps you to connect and also you can improvise together and that's when you might come up with your greatest ideas. 

7. Use a Metronome: It's important to have solid timing without relying on the rhythm section, it will help clean up your playing, and make the whole band sound tighter, it's also a great way to build speed. 


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